Affordable and luxurious clearwater luxury house in Florida.

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clearwater luxury house

house Villa Milano Condo Floor Plan
Magnificent townhouse featuring three bedrooms, family room, living room, dining room, loft, powder room, and attached two car garage with storage. Fireplace with built-in entertainment center in family room. Crown molding in family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer and master suite. Luxurious master bath features corner Roman tub with separate shower and double vanities
clearwater luxury house

clearwater luxury house
Condominium Features Include:
crown molding in all formal areas, dining rooms with chair rail, fireplaces with marble surround and built-in entertainment centers, luxurious master suites featuring double vanities with garden tubs and separate showers. Architectural features include arches, niches, and bay windows, per plan.
Concierge Services Include:
Car and Boat detailing services
Pool and Recreation Areas Include:
Private tanning salon
Community Activities Include:
Pump Iron - Or meditate, play bridge, basketball and tennis or even take a line dance class at the Clearwater Beach Recreation Center.
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